Lithium E-Scooter / E-bike battery charging tips

  • Product Manual: A smart user would follow this manual to note the basics for optimum usage of the  vehicle, especially the  Lithium-ion battery and precautions of using the charger that is supplied along with. Do the basics right and follow with righteously.
  • Battery Charger: Use only this charger as recommended by the supplier. This practice alone can ensure safer operations over the entire product life cycle. Stick to it at any cost, cheap chargers can cost you a fortune in case of fire. Check the power source before plugging the unit for charging to be as prescribed in the label. Read instructions in case of any doubt. Most importantly – Buy/invest in only the charger suggested by the battery OEM.
  • Maximum Charge: Let the battery get charged to its maximum potential at a lower current and constant voltage to get the best yield range. It is advisable to minimise the use of partial/half-charge . Try always to make a full charge before using the bike/scooter.
  • Right Charging Temperature: Batteries are sensitive to extreme temperatures and they must be charged at the optimal temperatures. While charging, always keep the battery or park the vehicles at temperatures ranging from 25°C to 35°C for safer operations and a longer life.
  • Charging Location: Do not charge the batteries in a place where the temperature will be higher than 40 °C or near places of heat generation. Charge it at room temperatures to increase the efficiency of the battery.
  • Avoid Humidity: Since the E-bike is fitted with a Lithium-ion battery, store the bike in a dry place to protect the battery. Higher humidity lessens the life of the battery and has associated risks with it. Remember to keep the bicycle battery in a dry place after your ride.

Being one of the primary parts besides motor, a Lithium-ion battery is considered to play a pivotal role in an electric drivetrain. Hence, its maintenance is paramount and each user of an E-bike has to ensure that the  above-stated guidelines are followed in order to protect their investment. With a properly planned maintenance,buyers can opt for electric mobility and have cleaner footprints, sustainably. By riding an eco-friendly vehicle, individuals will now have a role in achieving decarbonisation for our nation’s goals in accordance with the Paris Agreement. For more information or to be a part of this discussion, please write to us at [email protected].