A lithium ion battery is something which has become a household name. It is widely used in a myriad number of devices ranging from electronics to toys to automobiles. Being of secondary nature, it is rechargeable. It is powerful, safe and light. On the whole, here are some of the reasons why you must use lithium ion batteries:

  • High energy density: Studies have shown that this battery enjoys a very high energy density. When pitted against nickel batteries, a KOSH lithium ion battery easily beats it hands down. Therefore, with a given size and mass, the latter is going to furnish a lot more energy than the former. Therefore, it is no surprise that lithium ion battery is fast replacing nickel batteries in all realms of life.
  • Maintenance-based advantage: KOSH Lithium ion battery packs can last for a long time, even as long as 5,8, or 10 years !! They come with almost NIL maintenance cost and effort which is a big relief. The burden on your pocket is extremely less when you use this form of battery. 
  • No memory change: In some conventional batteries, it has been observed that the memory gets altered especially after a heavy dose of recharge or storage for a few weeks. But in lithium ion battery, you won’t have this complaint to make. Irrespective of frequent recharging or weeks of unused storage, their memory does not get altered.
  • Green product: Another reason why you must go for lithium ion batteries is that they are green in nature. That is to say they do not release substantially harmful products during operation and are considered friendlier towards the environment. For instance, the lead-made batteries are considered very toxic since they come with heavy amounts of pernicious lead emissions which can be very detrimental to the planet. On the other hand KOSH Lithium Ion Battery Pack emits less toxic materials and in lower quantity. Besides, they come with the extra advantage of being recyclable. Environmentalists have, therefore, given their thorough approval to this product owing to its green nature.
  • Wide range of use: This battery has found a wide range of use. Though, it was primarily used in the field of electronics, it has now found scope in other sectors. Mobility, Renewable energy & storage , Medical , Agriculture industry etc. are now powering our lives with the new age battery pack systems.
  • Higher efficiency: Lithium ion battery packs enjoy impressive energy ratings. In most cases, they are given 100% rating. It implies that they make full use of the power to make a complete energy conversion. Thus, you get full value for your power bills and wastage is significantly curtailed. This is one reason why even the commercial enterprises are resorting to this form of battery. It can be very economical in both the short and the long run. Apart from being user-friendly and low-power costing, it also comes with long life and low maintenance expenditure. 

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